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Spider Web Tutu

Char from Crap I've Made has made some pretty great stuff with her new Silhouette cutter, but I think this spider web tutu is my favorite:

I think I need one for Halloween!  I think we ALL need one for Halloween!  And if you don't want to wear one for Halloween, I know you want to use it to make a web tutu table cloth, like this one, but with webs:

Or instead of webs you could just but a giant pair of scary yellow eyes!!!  Or a mouth with scary teeth!  I can't wait for Halloween!


1 Funky Woman said...

Omgosh these are amazing! Halloween is my favorite holiday and I'm starting to decorate this week ? I think I need both of those how darling!

Lorie said...

We have always loved Halloween, and now that we get to celebrate a birthday on that day it is even MORE fun!

Alexis said...

That skirt is fabulous!