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Show And Tell Saturday - 8/28/10

Welcome back to Show and Tell Saturday!  It is your chance to take your best project from your blog and share it with me and my readers.

If you have a project that you would like to feature here at Be Different...Act Normal, grab this button and add it to your post (or you can add it to your sidebar) :

Then add a link to your favorite post of the week below.  Please link directly to your post (not just your blog) and then be a good participant and check out some of the other projects that are being shared.  It is more fun when people are listening when you get up for show and tell!

Also, in the true spirit of show and tell, I am going to ask that you only bring one item to the party.  Please pick your favorite post from this week and share just one link with us.  (A girl has to keep up!!)

PS - next week we are going to jump into fall with both feet and I am going to ask that you feature a post from your blog (from this year or previous years) that is fall related!  It can be anything from your favorite fall recipe to your favorite craft, so be thinking about what you would like to share!


staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

can't wait until next week. I LOVE exciting to see everyone's creations!

Amy H. said...

I will be back next week!

Lorie said...

Can't wait!!!