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Pretty Pantries

There have been a lot of posts about pantry organization floating around.  I think the epidemic started with this gorgeous pantry makeover from House of Smiths:

And then Beth from The Stories of A to Z joined the party:

Both of these posts got me excited to reorganize my pantry, and then I did.  And I still had way too much stuff to ever make it cute or functional.  So I decided to go back to ogling over other pantries online.  Ogling over things online is what I do best!

Se lets ogle.  ogle over pantries with cute paint jobs and  fun doors like these  from Country Living:

Ogle over pantries with a couple hundred dollars worth of organizational supplies.  My pantry is the size of the pantry in the above picture, but with about 100 times more stuff in it!  It is pretty shallow too, so I am actually thinking I might have to fork out the moola and do something like this:

Ogle over butlers pantries:

and colorful butlers pantries:

Even hidden pantries:

And even magical pantries:

 One of the model homes near our house had a pantry that stretches the entire length of the kitchen AND the space under the stairs.  It is my dream pantry.  I hated the rest of the house, but the pantry might be worth it.

Until then, I might have to pick up some cute bag chips like these to disguise the clutter with cuteness:


Sarah said...

My pantry is tiny also! I think my dream is the Oxo Pop canisters, because they are square, they stack, and I can get them in less than 6" (because thats how deep my shelves are!)

Amanda said...

lol You are hilarious!! I LOVE these pantries... and your beautiful blog design!

Lorie said...

Sarah, I feel your pain!

Amanda, thank you! It is still a work in progress, but I am really liking it so far!

Unknown said...

I have been trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my pantry!I love the first one! I am so getting some wall paper! and some new tubs and baskets to put stuff in! thanks for the great ideas!

Unknown said...

Wow - loved looking at those awesome pantries - I took a photo of mine the other day after I scrubbed all the shelves and reorganized - it makes me so happy I had to blog about it!

LouAnneL said...

Now you've got me drooling!! I'm planning a pantry makeover very soon. It's not a big pantry, but it is a walk-in. Just.. a MESS right now!!

sarah. said...

That gray & white one is beautiful. I wonder how much I can clean out...

Great post topic!