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More Mason Jar Pendant Lighting

Ana from Knock Off Wood took one of my favorite current trends, mason jar lighting, and did what she does best, made it easy and inexpensive:

You can check out her tutorial HERE to see how you can make this for $10 and without the skills of an electrician!


Ellen said...

Love your blog! I could spend hours on such how to do make things with your own hands. Also love the "be different... act normal", have you been listening to me ;)

Following you on blog frog, hoppy Tuesday!


Lorie said...

Ellen, Thank you so much!

Jen @ Just for Rachel said...

Lorie, Ana has deleted that post due to it not being safe (the heat could make the jar explode). Which makes me wonder about all the other mason jar lights floating around blogland right now. Anyway, I thought I would let you know. Jen

Taylor said...

oh this is so fun! Thanks for pointing it out!

Anonymous said...

You will be so jealous ... I recently inherited approximately 400 mason jars! :D