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Halloween Cookie Sheet Advent Calendar

Craft-O-Maniac posted about this cute cookie sheet advent calendar that she made for Halloween:

If I get a giant commercial size cookie sheet (the size that won't fit is my super small oven) I might be able to make one that counts down from now until Halloween!

You can see Jen's version HERE.


Anonymous said...

Yay Halloween!!!!

It can't come soon enough!

Gwen said...

I made a December/Christmas countdown like that once. We love when December comes to get it out and start using it. (

The Halloween one with candy is so clever! Might have to think about making another one for October. :)

One hint if you're going to do this - make sure your cookie sheet is really metal in that magnets will stick to it. There are some out there that won't work. ;)

The domestic Groove said...

This is ADORABLE! I love Halloween and I'm not sure why. Maybe because everone goes all out for Christmas and some of the other holidays, but not so much with halloween. this is supeer cute!