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Cupcake Pin Cushions

Thanks to everyone who joined in for my first Show and Tell Saturday!  I can't believe how many new blogs I found!  I think that was my favorite part!  And when you spend as much time as I do looking for new blogs and cute projects to feature, it is nice when some of the foot work is done for you!

One of the projects I found that I MUST have are these cute cupcake pin cushions from Creative Passage:

They are made from old sweaters!  How fun!  Unfortunately, there wasn't a tutorial.  I did a little searching and good old Instructables came to the rescue:

You can check out their tutorial HERE.

I actually don't have a pin cushion, so I need one of these!  I was going to stick with the old school tomato pin cushion, like the kind my mom had (and actually might still have) but this might be too cute to pass up!


EllensCreativePassage said...

Thank you for including my project...sorry there wasn't a tutorial because I really didn't come up with the idea. Betz White has several books that detail how to make these. I did make a few tweaks to her directions. Mine are much easier to make than the instructables directions... :) Thanks again!

Stephanie said...

Martha Stewart has a tutorial from her show: