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Crib Bed Skirt

We are in the process of taking our Crib down (as soon as we get around to it...) but if it ever gets put up again I am going to be making a crib skirt for it:

Because that is much cuter than seeing the stuff I stash under there!  And I will be using the tutorial from A Penny Saved.



Realmente assim ficará mais bonito!
Tenha um lindo dia!

Beth Zimmerman said...

Hey Lori!
Saw your thread re: Austin in the SITS #31dbbb forum. Thought I would come meet you so I will know somebody when I get there! I'm in Tulsa but plan to drive down for the Austin BBC. REALLY looking forward to it!

Beth Zimmerman said...

Sorry I misspelled your name! :(

Lorie said...

Beth, nice to meet you! And no worries about my name. It was misspelled all of my life, so I got over that a LONG time ago! ;D

Britt said...

Thanks for the link! :)