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Caramel Apple for the Teacher

I love this idea from One Charming Party for a back to school caramel apple:

I am a little worried about the pencil being in the apple.  The whole graphite thing and all.  I am sure it is probably fine, but I had a bad experience back in the fifth grade with graphite and my eyeballs.  That really isn't an appetizing story to go along with these yummy apples, so we will save that for a different time.

I am thinking you could probably dip the pencil in something first to create a buffer or cover it with something, because the idea is too cute to pass up.

You can check out these apples HERE.


Tara said...

So cute. I am going to have to use this idea. But I am so not ready for my kids to go back to school :(.

Lorie said...

Me either Tara!!

Unknown said...

This would be an awesome gift.