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Boston Cream Whoopi Pie

What happens when a Boston Cream Pie and a Whoopi pie fall in love:

You can get the recipe for these at Confessions of a Cookbook Queen.   And if you scroll down to the bottom of THIS post you will see a recipe for a Grilled Pizza Sandwich.  Now that sounds like it could be interesting!  


Anonymous said...

Omg that looks so yummy. Not really a part of the post baby diet I had in mind but I think I'll try to make some this week.

Also, I might as well de-lurk myself now. *hi* I read all your updates and havn't really commented before. You are also on my Link Love page on my blog.

Jodi Nelson said...

There is an elephant ear stand at the coast. It is a MUST have whenever we go. I get one with Bavarian cream drizzled in chocolate. It is SO Good! I know I would love these!