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One of the things that I love about the summer is that Watermelon is EVERYWHERE! (including my fridge!!)  And even more than actual watermelon, I love things that LOOK like watermelon!

Here are some fun watermelon themed projects I have found lately.

Watermelon pops:

Not only a fun treat, but a fun way to serve any popsicle!  Or fruit kabobs for that matter.

If you can't wait for Halloween to carve a pumpkin, you might want to carve a watermelon:

Make some cute fondant watermelons to go on top of cupcakes:

Clean up after a long summer day with some watermelon soap:

I would love to eat watermelon out of this gorgeous bowl:

Or make some watermelon pie:

What is your favorite watermelon treat goodie?


Jordan Cole said...

I did a post today about watermelon too!

Heather said...

I just looked at the cute watermelon pop recipe and I am going to try making them BUT not with strawberry and lime jello, they make watermelon flavored jello and a melon flavor that is green. Not sure why they didn't use those flavors!

Anonymous said...

I love this post, everything looks so yummy! I HAVE got to make that soap!

alicia said...

Great ideas. Another one to bookmark. Thanks!!

Michele said...

I will have to follow your link to do those gorgeous bowls. I'm a sucker for dishes!

Try googling images of watermelon painted toenails. I found several at beginning of summer and painted mine that way. They looked cute FROM A DISTANCE- haha. Basically row of green at top, then white row under that, then rest of toe is pinkyred with black seeds painted in.

Great blog!

Megan said...

Watermelon is one of my all time favorite summer treats! Thanks for sharing.

Becca said...

seriously Lorie you always find the CUTEST ideas! Your blog is a great one-stop-idea-shop and I LOVE it :)

Elizabeth {sunny bug} said...

Nice post...I love watermelon too! I love the little house and the bowls, how cute!