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Seatbelt Key Hook

I am the type of person that attaches memories to objects.  It can be a clutter nightmare.  I am trying to work on it, but one of the best solutions I have found is to actually find a use for the items.  Like turning old baby clothes that I am too sentimental to throw out into a quilt.

When I first got married I drove an old (OLD) Chevy Blazer.  It had belonged to my grandparents.  Each summer growing up I would go on vacation with them.  We would spend time in their cabin in Christopher Creek.  We would visit my Aunt in California.  We would visit my Grandfather's family in La Veta Colorado.  We stopped at every National Park.  The Painted Desert.  The Petrified Forest.  All in that car.

It went to the junkyard after saving my life in a pretty scary car accident.  I wanted to take a piece of the car, but talked myself out of it.  I really wish I would have taken the seat belt.  And if I had, I would have used it to make this:

You can actually buy one here.  Of course, then it wouldn't be sentimental!


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the story and quite a neat idea for the keys. Haven't been around for awhile, I just get tired so easily not able to do all I want to do. So enjoyed stopping by. Blessings to you and yours.

Unknown said...

That would be very sentimental to have, wouldn't it?

Happy Friday,