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Origami Butterfly Mobile

I found this cute mobile on Chez Larsson:

She has it hanging over her desk,  I think it would look pretty cute in just about any girls room.  And since the butterflies are made out of paper, you can make it match just about anything.

You can check out her video on how to fold the butterflies HERE.  Or use this diagram to fold your own:

And even if you aren't a fan of the origami butterflies, I love the mobile structure that allows you to clip things on.  You could hang pictures, post cards, or about a million other things.  And she found hers at the craft store!

What would you hang from your mobile?


Unknown said...

I have two mobiles hanging in my classroom; they have simple info in coordinating colors that my students need to know.

I got my mobiles from a school supply store.

I think I am stumped - I would love a mobile of leaves or something cute and sweet - like simple birds.


Kelsi said...

i've always thought these were adorable. My cousin has the pottery barn kid's white butterfly mobile and though i love it, i can't believe how much money someone would shell out on it!
i've been wanting to make one for my almost 4-year old son but i can't make up my mind on what to do. i want it to be more "mature" and boyish...

Lorie said...

Laura, thanks for the heads up on the school supply store. I have to head there this week to find a few things from our back to school list. I will have to keep my eyes open.

Kelsi, I am sure you could probably make origami bugs and frogs and such. He could even help you make them. Or you could just use the alligator clips to hang his art work!