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Fabric Flower Magnetic Broach

Mandy from Sugar Bee Craft Edition made this cute fabric flower broach to jazz up her t-shirts:

But instead of attaching it with a pin, she attached it with magnets:

Wow those magnets bring me back to my days of working as a bank teller.  Those are name tag magnets.  I still have all of mine because they are really great magnets.  They hold like a dozen works of art on the fridge without budging!  So I have no doubt that the pretty flower broach isn't going anywhere.

Plus, when you aren't wearing it, it can double as a refrigerator magnet!   Or at least store them on a magnet board.

You can check out her tutorial HERE.


Stephanie R. said...

lovethe idea!! No holes in shirts

Sarah said...

I only have one of those nametags - from being a manager at BK a couple years ago.
And you're right - it stays on the fridge pretty darn good!

Lorie said...

Stephanie, I hate when the little holes become too big holes!

Sarah, they make the BEST magnets!!