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I saw these Cookeys (Cookie Key Covers) over at Baking Bites:

I have never owned a key cover.  Never saw the need.  Never had that much trouble telling my keys apart. But now I need one!  I just have to figure out if it will work with the keys that aren't rounded.  What is this key shape called anyway:


Katie said...

Sooo cute, but I have a hard enough time already trying to keep my keys out of the kids mouth. ;)

mommieof4munchkins said...

Those are cute. This is what I have on my list of to do's for me

Draya Ann said...

I love key covers! I saw broccoli and steak ones. And they work on any key shape! Those oreo ones are great!

Lorie said...

Bwahaha! Katie, so true! Mine are over that stage though, so I am good to go! But DH might START trying to eat my keys!