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Braided (Woven) Ribbon Headbands

While we were in Arizona, we had to stop by and visit our KiKi.  Kiki (whose real name is Kaitlyn) was our go to babysitter in AZ.  We seriously considered stowing her away in one of our suitcases to come live with us in Texas.  Sadly, we had to leave her behind to live with her family, but it was really great to get to see her and her family while we were there.

When we stopped by to see her, she had one of these really cute headbands in her hair:

She had made a ton of them and she was going to teach us how to make them, but we ran out of time.  Luckily I found THIS tutorial on You Tube.  It is a little long (actually two parts, the second part is HERE) but worth it.  I am going to have to make the girl some with her school colors. And then some with team colors when she starts soccer.

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