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Watermelon and Blue Cheese

Everyone is always looking for a good way to get some red, white, and blue on the menu for the 4th of July.  And I think this idea from Good Housekeeping just might actually be good.  Really good:

Watermelon and crumbled Blue Cheese.  Before you say ewww, just think about it.  The salty and tangy with the sweet.  I think it just might work!

And it has the red white and blue going for it.

If you are brave enough to try it, you can get the recipe HERE.


Cuscini said...

Lorie, I hope folks try this. You're right about the sweet and salty, which is a very typically Italian combination. Think prosciutto ham with melon, or the wonderful, watermelon salad with peppery arugula dressed with coarse salt. This would be served as the antipasto or first course -- and sometimes, it's drizzled in honey,too. Buono!

Anything Fits A Naked Man said...

I like it!! I'm TOTALLY trying it, and those flag cups are the perfect touch!! Thanks!

Jennie Bender said...

I will go with it=) I'm game!

Unknown said...

Too late, I said "ewwww" instantly. LOL

Meg said...

I have actually had watermelon with feta, drizzled with lemon infused olive oil at a fancy restaurant in San Fran...and it was incredible! Feta might be a little more on the mild side than blue cheese...and you could add blueberries to it {if you used the feta} for the blue! Thanks for a mouth watering reminder and idea!

Meg said...

I think it also had pumpkin seeds on it to...for a crunch...mmmm.