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Ruffled Rainbow Tablecloth

Remember this gorgeous table cloth:

I'm I'm Topsy Turvy made one of her own, out of vinyl table cloths:

Much cheaper than buying fabric of every color to go around a table, and perfect for an outdoor party.

She has a tutorial HERE.


Ashlee Marie said...

Thank you SO much! It was such a fun party to do and the tablecloth was my favorite part! Thanks for the feature!

Missa said...

Gorgous tablecloth! Love the idea! Oh and great blog!

Joanne Kennedy said...

Very cute! Great idea but I think if I was going to go through all that work of sewing a tablecloth I would have to make it one out of material so I could use it over and over.

She must be a real go getter to do that for a one time use table cloth. What a great mommy!

I'm way to lazy. LOL


Anonymous said...

good idea! That would look great for a party!!