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Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches

Another cute one from Random Thoughts of a Supermom:

You can read about her cute little ice cream sandwiches that she made with some wafers, Blue Bell, and nonpareils HERE.

And since they sell nonpareils in a patriotic red white and blue mix, you can use this idea for the 4th too!

And since I have featured two of her ideas already today, you need to go and check out her entire blog!  Lots of fun summer treats!

And since she used Blue Bell ice cream to make these, I thought I would ask if you have Blue Bell where you live?  They only sell it in 17 states, but they are the third best selling ice cream in the country.  They make some GOOD stuff.  Banana Pudding Ice Cream (which has vanilla wafers IN it) is my favorite.  We just drove through the home of Blue Bell Ice Cream (Brenham) on the way home from our vacation.  Can you tell?


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I am a Texas girl so YES I have Blue Bell!

My favorite is wedding cake. MMMMMMMMM

Jo said...

What a clever idea for smaller hands and appetites!


Andrea said...

Gonna give that one a whirl! How easy!!

Lorie said...

Oh! I have never had wedding cake! I bet that is GOOD!

Ann-Marie B. said...

What a cool blog! So glad I happened upon you.

(from SITS!!)

--Amie-- said...

We make these every Summer!!! I adore ice cream cookie sandwiches! And, I live where Blue Bell is made, so it is pretty much readily available to me!! (:

Miss G said...

love Blue Bell! Have you had grooms cake? so yummy! Kelly