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Mending Jeans

This cute mending job from Dainty Time makes me wish I had a pair of jeans that needed mending:

Oh, and it makes me wish I could seww too!  And it reminds me that I forgot to post a link to the tutorial for hemming jeans from Love Stitched that I have been holding on to for a couple of weeks:

And I guess I will throw in my other favorite tutorial for these cute knee patches from Koala Brains:

What is your favorite denim tutorial?


Stacy Q said...

That IS cute! Unfortunately where my jeans usually wear out is in the crotch - where my chubby thighs rub together. No amount of cute patching will make that look right.

Heather said...

I am going to agree with Stacy on this, the inside thighs of my jeans are not the place I want cute patches and thats the only place I need them. This would be cute for kids though!

Unknown said...

cute! ... I just did a 9 yard fabric canopy for over my stepson's bed using no sew fabric fusing rofl...

hugs! Kim @ Frost Me!
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Lorie said...

Stacy, I always get holes where the belt loops are in the back. I have NO IDEA why!

And I guess you are wouldn't be fun to have all that stitching in between your legs!

Lorie said...

Kim, did you post it on your blog? I must see!

Jessika said...

That hemming picture is sooo accurate. I need to send it to my husband. He recently handed me a pair of pants. "Please hem these?" he asked. Right as I was about ready to ask "how much?" I realized he had HACKED off the bottom two inches off the pants. Raw edges.

Though the hacked off parts made a cute little cowl neck collar (temporarily) for the dog.