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Guest Blogger: Just for Rachel

I am so excited to have Jen from Just for Rachel as our guest blogger today.  I love Jen's blog!  I always have to remember not to call her Rachel though!  My blogging brain can only remember so much!
Jen is serious about her furniture makeovers!  You have to check out the tables and chairs that she has tackled and you may remember one of my favorites, her kitchen island that she made out of a dresser!   

I am so glad that she is here blogging with us today!  Thanks Rachel! 

Hi everyone! I'm Jen from Just for Rachel. I am very excited to be your guest blogger today!! At Just for Rachel my goal is to teach others how to fix up a house on the cheap, while I learn for the first time myself, yet I have always been a DIY kind of person. I love big house projects, furniture, and crafts as well... pretty much anything creative and cute :).


Today I am going to show you how to make these cute jars. It's super easy! These one's I made for a party I am going to be having :)

One thing you will learn at my blog is that I LOVE thrift stores!! I always have! I bought all the bottles above for $1-$3 each.

First, get out the craft paint! If you're like me, you have an entire tub of this stuff, but still have to buy just the right color for each project. Awesome tip: make sure the paint is runny. Before I bought mine, I unscrewed the top to see if I could move it around easily.
Then pour the paint into the bottle, working on one side at a time.

This is the fun part, and it's helps to use a rug or carpet. Pour some in, then pound the bottle on your fist, or on a rug (being super careful not to get the paint on the carpet) until every last bit is covered inside.

I had a fun time watching it slowly move around, but my hands started to get tired from the pounding. I used the rug more and more toward the end. (this is obviously a different bottle, but I actually found this one at Dollar Tree, original purpose as a vinegar bottle.)

The finished result: cool bottles! My favorite part is that you can see through the glass to the color inside! I wont ever put water in them, but a fresh, single flower or something of the sort would be cool. Metallic paint would be a fun choice; so many color possibilities too!

Thank you Lorie for letting me invade your blog today!

 xoxo Jen


Unknown said...

adorable!!! I love how you can really introduce a lot of color

p.s. we have the same granite and backsplash! ;o)

Kim @
party inspiration

Unknown said...

cute idea - Love the fact that they are the perfect colors for my kids bathroom - thanks for the idea!

Lorie said...

They are great colors!

Thanks again Jen for guest posting!!