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Revisiting the Bars

Last year I posted about all of these fun bars (not the drinking kind, but the serve yourself dessert bar kind) and I thought they deserved a revisit.




And a few more I have found...The Party Scoop has an interesting take on a Sundae Bar:

The pre-scooped ice cream is pretty, but I have no idea how you would keep it from melting together! And one of my favorite (when it is cold outside) is a hot chocolate bar:

What clever dessert bar ideas have you seen?


tiff said...

Oh wow - I LOVE THIS! I never would have thought of something so cool!

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

Oh...I'm so glad you re-posted this post. Our son is graduating H.S. and his open house is Sat. June 5th. I'm planning to do a dessert buffet..and you've given me some great ideas!!!

Tell me, about the sprinkles for the frosting. I'm assuming the frosting stayed soft the sprinkles would stay on?

And, for the s'mores...what type of fire/candle did you use?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

Unknown said...

Oh cool! I am so glad you posted this. I have a women's bible study at my home every Thursday. I always make us a spread of snacks and appetizers. I bet they would loooove to have a desert bar one night. Such a great idea!

Unknown said...

To keep the ice cream scoops from melting all together, scoop them out a few days in advance and put them back into the freezer to get hard. Of course, they won't stay frozen forever, but with this it will give your guests more time to have fun with this type of bar.

Anonymous said...

I don't remember seeing any dessert bars. Maybe I just wasn't looking but thank goodness I am looking more for veggies. LOL Can't look at me and tell.

Jen @ Just for Rachel said...

A couple months ago we had a big family breakfast with an omlet bar. It was great! One big bowl of eggs that you ladled into your own bowl to put in whatever your heart desired (tons of yummy options). Then cook your omlet, and your done. We had some other good foods as well, fresh orange juice, and my sister made the best hash brown type dish I have ever had!

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

Great ideas! the cupcake bar is my fave.

Erin said...

Ok we need to do a smore bar for 4th of July!

Jacquee said...

Our church had an activity for some of the younger girls and they had a soda bar. They had a counter and a man who mixed sodas (Italian sodas, I think) as the girls ordered them. They felt so special to be have a "made to order" drink, and a delicious one at that.

Whitney & McKayla said...

My daughter is turning 5 and wants a party centered around the book, "Pinkalicious" so, we're having a pink cupcake party. I had toyed with the idea of letting the kids have a cupcake bar, it sounds SO much fun!

Unknown said...

Our university has a cupcake bar once a month or so in the cafeteria, and it is a hit with all the students!