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No Sew (Almost) Ruffled Purse

Susie Harris has a tutorial on her blog to turn an ordinary canvas tote bag (that cost just over $1.50):

Into one of these cute ruffled purses:

with almost no sewing.

When I first saw the picture I thought they were aprons. So now I might have to find an inexpensive boring apron and dress it up with some ruffles!

You can check out the tutorial HERE.


Unknown said...

I want the one on the right! so adorable!

Kim @
party inspiration

1 Funky Woman said...

Darling, how creative!

Lorie said...

The one on the right is my favorite too! Probably the perfect project if you have some cute scraps left. I need to start sewing so that I will have scraps! ;D

Julie said...

Wow! These are beautiful bags. Thank You for sharing this post. I