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Mini Oven Mitt Magnets

Obsessively Stitching made these obscenely cute mini oven mitt magnets:

And I want them all.  We don't even use magnets on our fridge.  But I love magnets.  My husband does not.  Magnet hater!  Which by the way isn't something he confessed to until we had been married 11 years, moved to a new state an bought a pretty new fridge.  He doesn't like stuff ON the fridge.

 So no magnets for me.  But maybe I will get a magnet board (like the one I have but is too big for my kitchen) and use these cute mini mitts to  hold recipe cards while I cook.

I would have to make the magnets first though.


Lisa Anne said...

Oh wow they are so cute! I want to make some mini magnets!!

Alexis said...

It must be a male husband is a hater too. I stick everything on the frig!

mary said...

i hate stuff on the fridge too. idk why either. its perfect!

Unknown said...

These are so stinkin' cute! I love tiny things! Headed over to Obsessively Stitching to check it out!


Jenn said...

I love magnets too. I have a collection of them on a magnetic bulletin board in my laundry room. You see, I've got the problem with stuff on the fridge--I can't stop!

Hildie said...

There are very few things that make me as happy as funny fridge magnets (maybe funny bumper stickers).