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Gone Camping

Ah, the joy of Cub Scouts.  For the first time in my married life we are all going camping together as a family.  Actually, it is the first time in my life.  I never camped with my family when I was a kid either.

Wish me luck.

We are going to need it!

And if you have any advice I will take that too, although I should have asked you yesterday!


Lise said...

Bring a roll of toilet paper!!! :o)

1 Funky Woman said...

Oh honey good luck! Last summer we took our first family camping trip to South Dakota. I so did not want to go. In fact I wished for some illness so I wouldn't have to go. We went and it was rainy, and cold. But I have to say we had the best time. We laughed, we cried, we yelled but we bonded. I don't think we showered but twice during that time because the showers were down and around from our campsite and they were not the prettiest!

I would say yes bring Toilet Paper, we did. But also I packed 2 clear bins of essentials. All the dried things, paper towels, plates, bug spray, flash lights citronela candles etc. The other bin had food like buns, marsh mellows and lots more. We were set oh and don't forget some cocktails, I was so happy I packed that!

Have a great time, and watch out for bears! Just kidding, we had deer behind our tent at night. A little freaky!

Michelle said...

A flask. It is the only thing I can see getting you through it! Hope you have good weather!

Amie said...

Ahh I love camping! Have FUN with it! Don't worry about kids getting dirty. They'll be dirty CONSTANTLY and LOVE it. :) If you had mentioned it days ago, I could have given you tips on meal prep, what the must-haves are, and etc...just have a good time!

Anonymous said...

Have fun!

The Beach Barn said...

I really enjoy camping! The serenity, hikes, campfires, food, sights & sounds, sound of the tent zipper, etc... It's such a fun way to get away from it all!!! Hoping to make it to Mammoth/Yosemite this Summer. Hope you enjoy it! : )

BTW...I tagged you on my blog. Take a peek at my "8X8" post : )

Unknown said...

oh my! Have fun! We are going for the first time this summer when my stepson comes! Let us know how it goes!

Kim @
party inspiration

Elaine said...

Just relax and enjoy nature and the campfire. I loved camping with the kids.

Treasure Finder said...

I have to know, did you have fun camping? Camping is one of our favorite family things (except for my daughter now that she's to grown up). Hope you had fun!!

Allison @ House of Hepworths said...

Camping? In Texas?? You are brave. Um, lets see, I grew up in Austin and was forced to go to Girls Camp each summer so I know a lot about camping and Texas. Bugs. Scorpions. Heat. Mosquitoes. I mentioned scorpions already, right?

I'm not a camper. At all. But my DH loves it so every once in awhile I'll take one for the team. I'm nice like that. Lol.

Did you have fun? You never updated!