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Gigantic Crouquet

My mother in law loves croquet.  I think she has some fun childhood memories playing the game.  We have played it as a family and had fun, but I think if I could pull of creating one of these it would make some great family memories for EVERYONE:

Any suggestions?  The ball is easy (from other pictures that you can check out HERE it is just an inflated ball).  And I even think the pegs would be doable.  But the mallet and the peg....hmmmmm.

Anyone?  Anyone?


Abbey said...

You could use a hockey stick for the mallet... or heck even a broom might work!! Or a paint can attached to the end of a stick somehow if you want it to really look like a mallet.

englandmom14 said...

the peg could be one of the large cardboard tubes used for the frame for columns when building a house. the mallet could be a long piece of pvc pipe with a covered coffee can attached to the end (or any large shape like that). for the wickets, you could use pool noodles atttached together with heavy gauge wire threaded through them. then you could bend them into the proper shape. these would be easy to see and colorful. pool noodles can be found at most $$ stores now too, so they are cheap. i think that would work. an exercise ball or large playground ball is about the right size for the ball. they come in different colors too, so everyone could have their own. or you could add stripes, dots etc... to differentiate between each persons ball. good luck! if you do this, show us piccies and tell us what you did okay? thanks!