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Giant Muffin Top Cookies

Jenny from Picky Palate has a recipe for these yummy looking giant M&M cookies on her blog:

but even better is her trick to making them perfectly round and getting them perfectly cooked:

It is a muffin top pan!  This pan, that is meant to bake just the tops of muffins or cupcakes that are only frosted tops, is also a great way to bake a giant cookie!


Raimi said...

Oh I am so buying one of thosse pans to make those cookies. Thanks for the idea.
p.s. I received my Western Union gift card...Thank you!

Patty said...

Don't they look good!

Tauni said...

Love these. I am going to be on the look out for a good deal on one of these plans.

vanpeltium said...

I am definitely keeping my eye out for that pan. How fun!

Αγαπη said...

Brilliant!! Thanks for sharing!

Janell said...

For years, I've been occasionally wondering how to make large, perfectly round cookies. I saw this at a giant, "Well duh!" struck me.

Thank you for the answer!