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Faux Etched Glass

I have featured tutorials for etched glass before, but I am a little afraid of the etching cream.  My luck one of the kids will ingest it or it will end up on the ceramic sink and etch a pretty design on that.  This tutorial Back Yard Eden that I found on Remodelaholics is more my style.  See this glass:

Instead of etching it, they frosted it.  With frosted glass spray paint from Rust-oleum.  LOVE IT!

See how well it hides the toilet paper:

You can see the rest of the project HERE.


Decorchick! said...

That looks great!!

Nancy's Notes said...

Well, how interesting is that!! It looks awesome!

LunaMoonbeam said...

Oooh, that looks so cool!

Still, I'm a glass etching girl. Can't WAIT to get back to my sister's neighborhood. I've got the contact paper, and she's got the etching creme and x-acto knife. Whee!

Unknown said...

I love the pattern!!! We used frosting spray on the window in our shower (gets wet daily), and it did begin to flake.

I imagine other places with less abuse would last much longer.

:) Laura