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Woosh Woosh Potter

They Boy was just a little one when the first Harry Potter came out on DVD.  For Chrsitmas his Aunt ReRe gave him a cape and wand.  He would run around the house waving it and saying Woosh Woosh Potter.

He has grown up and although out of the stage of playing dress up, he is finally old enough that we are reading the books together.

Maybe he will fall in love with it so that we can have a Harry Potter themed party and I can use some of these ideas from iVillage that I found on Hostess with the Mostest:


(Although I think I would go with chocolate covered pretzels...but I love the look of these)


(My SIL made these for a Halloween party one year...SO FUN!)

And my favorite that would be fun for Halloween as well, potions:

If The Boy doesn't fall in love with them I might just have to go to Arizona for the release of the next movie and have a party with my in laws!


KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

You should also come up to Toronto to see the exhibition!

Jo said...

Seriously? 141 posts I have missed?
And I love Harry Potter and so do all my kids.

Merry Mack said...

I heart HP! When my husband and I were dating, the books were first out. We were poor and read them aloud to each other and on our honeymoon we ventured out to a cute little bookstore for a release party for #4 and read it in the airport to each other. We can't wait until Missy Mack is old enough to read these these books. Enjoy every minute and I will cross my fingers that you will be theme party-ing in no time.

denise @ little ant design said...

We are a household of Harry lovers. I have thrown a few HP shindigs - it's one of my favorite themes. We have plans in the works to celebrate the final two installments of the 7th movie. You have an invitation to join us in California for the festivities. I'll have to use these great ideas that you posted.

You can visit my blog and search Harry Potter to see some of our past Potter Parties.