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This Day in 2009 - April 15th edition

On this day in 2009, were you filling your taxes?  Are you filing them today?

Here is what my blog was up to:

Out of this World Cupcakes:

Felt Clippies:

Citrus Centerpieces:

and Chalkboard Clipboards:

(I might make a whiteboard version that the kids can use in the car on road trips this summer!)


Lynn said...

Oh, you doll. I am spending April 15 the way I usually do...checking everything before I take a deep breath and send it in.

And two years ago I was e-filing at two minutes to midnight, after my son's sudden wedding.

Crazy times.

welcometomyfrontporch said...

What a way to look back! I think I will have to see what I was doing a year ago on this day.

Lorie said...

Lynn, a surprise wedding! I hope you got your taxes in before midnight this year! ;D

Amy, I hope you will post it!