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DIY Magnetic Board

Eva from Handmade Beginningscra made a fun magnetic board out of the lids from frozen juice cans:

What a fun way to display your children's art!  You could even spell there name.  I think a long catterpillar would be fun too.  Or just different colored circles scooping across the wall so that it looked like a garland or banner.

You can see the how to HERE.


skinny jeans said...

Fun project, and definitely something you can do with kids. And a cute way to use up those lids

Amnah said...

Yay, Eva!! This is so cute.

Eva said...

Wow Lorie, thanks so much for featuring my project :D!!

Lynn said...

the red ones made me think of checkers. That would be a great use for a checker set when a few get lost.