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Switch Flops

Last year I posted about Switch Flops from Lindsay Philips.  You can take one pair of flip flops and change out the look from this:

to this:

and back again.  They are gorgeous, but a little pricey for someone that likes to buy her flip flops at Old Navy when they are on sale for $1!

Make It and Love It has solved that problem for me though:

You can see the tutorial for making interchangeable flip flops HERE.


Dawn said...

If you like those, you should also try the OneSoles shoes. They are similar but they offer stretchy slide tops in all sorts of prints, plus they have clog tops, strappy tops, belted tops, etc. I own a pair in every heel style they offer and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them! Both the OneSoles and the switchflops are awesome for traveling especially because you can take one sole, and then a whole bunch of tops and switch them out, so you can match every outfit in your suitcase, without having to carry half a dozen pairs of shoes!

Anything Fits A Naked Man said...

I've seen these in the store! What a TERRIFIC idea! Great for traveling!

Lisa Anne said...

I agree they are nice, but pricey. I love my Old Navy Flip Flops. I wear then almost eveyday even when it's pouring rain!

Lacie @ Creative Attempts said...

super cute and functional :) but i have to agree with lia I love my old navy flip flops

Book of Ruth said...

What a great idea!