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Spring by Martha

Signs of Spring are starting to pop up...all over the web at least!  And Martha has some gorgeous treats posted.

This is arrangement is beautiful:

Don't you love the little birdies:

But the two different spins on these two cakes are even prettier:

That is sort of how my 'Spring' here in Texas is starting to feel...while back home in Arizona it felt like this:

Such cute little flowers on both though:

You can see the tutorial for all of these treats (and more) HERE read more about them on the Crafts Dept Blog.  


LunaMoonbeam said...

Oh, those look so fussy...but it would be so much fun to try in a group! Like a Super Saturday....or just a crafty playdate. Gorgeous!!

Tricia said...

This is remarkable! Gorgeous, but unfortunately I don't have the patience. I would eat it before it was done. ;)