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Valentine's Day the Movie

We went and saw this tonight:

Yes I like cheesy romantic comedies.  It was everything I expected it to be.  The perfect cheesy Valentine's movie.

If you go (and you are a fan of Pretty Woman) make sure you stay until the end of the credits.  If you don't, it will be a Big Mistake.  Big!  Huge!

Happy Valentine's Day!!


Ivana said...

Oh just saw and I really enjoyed it!

Amie said...

We saw it yesterday too! I loved the ending!! LOVED! Taylor Swift was so funny!

Katie said...


I want to know how you've already found a babysitter in your new town!

Taylor said...

Oh I'm so glad you posted this! We are going to see it today and I also really want to see "when in rome" so I was hoping Vday wouldn't be a flop and make me regret my choice. Thanks!

Lisa said...

Cool! I do so want to see this one!!
Hugs, Lisa