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Valentine Bags Revisited

My friend Amie tried to print out these cute treat bags on regular brown paper bags and couldn't get her printer to take them (they are a little lumpier than the merchandise brown paper bags that are flat):

If you can't get your ands on flat brown paper bags, have no fear!  Crafty Chick printed them on plain white paper and then folded them into a bag:

You can check out her tutorial (and her yummy brownie recipe to go with it) HERE.


Jenny said...

Wow, another amazing idea. All moved in?

Lindsey said...

cute idea you found! I need to get on my kids valentine's and this is a good idea!

how to ollie said...

Excellent post and writing style. Bookmarked.

extreme personal measures said...

Great idea for Valentine;s day! I had to feature this on my blog! Great job!