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See Jane's Valentines Ideas

I would like to thank my cousin Jack for this post.  He has absolutely NOTHING directly to do with this post.  I am pretty sure he doesn't have a crafty bone in his body (although I could be wrong), but he DOES have great taste in women.

He married Katie.  I adore Katie.  Katie is cute and talented and so is her ENTIRE family!!  And Katie has a sister, Jane.  And Jane has a blog.  See Jane Blog.  And all of the very cute ideas on this post come from her blog.

She made a bouquet of some of the fun treats she has found floating around blog land:

Look at these cute creations:

I want one!  Actually I want all three.  I have issues.

But these!  These are my ABSOLUTE favorite:

She made these for her girls to take to preschool!  I am off to find some vinyl to copy them!  You can see  these goodies (and more of her super crafty-ness) HERE.  Go say hi and tell her I said hello!  And tell her I gave Jack all the credit for her cute ideas!


Michelle said...

Dang it Lorie, I get an idea from you and then get so excited and then you post more! How am I supposed to deal when I have crafters ADD?

The Blonde Duck said...

Popped in from SITS to say hi! That's so cute!!!!

Dana♥Thomas said...

I LOVE your blog! What a small world! My older brother is best friends with Todd, Jacks brother. (I think he even went to a homecoming dance with Katie!) Anyway, it caught me so off guard I couldn't help but comment!

Katie said...

^^ Hi Dana!! ^^

See Jane Blog. See Lorie B Sweet. We love you!!

And PS - Jack can sew better than any girl I know. Just between you and me.

Merry Mack said...

OMG! I love this and I am going to do it.