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Nikole Herriott Cakes and Cute Little Ribbon Flags

Poppy Talk posted some gorgeous cakes by Nikole Herriott:

And although my frosting skills might not be that great, I think I can handle those cute little flags:

And hopefully they will distract people from the fact that my cake isn't as beautiful as this:


Anonymous said...

WOW...IT is hard to believe that is a real cake...the pink one!!! And the flags are cool! Wonderful!

Icing On The Cake said...

I love the cake! And, I love your blog! Thanks for giving me all kinds of new ideas for my cakes;)

Amanda said...

I have a feeling you make GORGEOUS cakes!! :)

What a beautifully and fun cake!

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Can't believe it's cake, as it all edible frosting and all. It's just gorgeous.