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Mod Podge Rocks: Valentine's Necklace

Be Different, Act Normal . . . that is pretty much my bag, huh? Except for the acting normal part. I don't quite have that down yet. If you visit my blog Mod Podge Rocks! on a regular basis, you are well aware of that - yep, it's me, Amy. Here to delight you with kind of an unusual necklace, but one that you'll have a ball making. One that incorporates two of my favorie things: buttons and Mod Podge. It also includes tearing paper, which can be kind of fun and cathartic. Especially the crumpling part.

So below is the tutorial for my fun Valentine's necklace, which is only related to that special day with the colors. I do think you could wear it with pink though, so it counts. Right? Here are the supplies you'll need:

FolkArt® Acrylic Paint
to match your paper, I used Turner Pink
Mod Podge® - Silver Glitter
Wood circles, 1.5" - 3
Silver chain, 24" - I got mine from the jewelry section of the craft store
Jump rings - 3 small
Silver clasp - 1
Scrapbook paper - I used two sheets from the Anna Griffin Riley collection
EK Success Scalloped Punch
Embellishments - Prima Fowers
Buttons - 3 pink medium, 2 orange small and 1 pink small
Flat Paint Brush
Tacky Glue

Here are the goods I started out with - it's really easiest if you buy wood circles with the holes pre-drilled. I like easy things, such as instant hot chocolate, reality television and my wood pre-drilled. I'm a simple woman.
Paint your circles with a color that corresponds to your paper. Mine is FolkArt Turner Pink. Allow to dry.
This is the fun part (besides the Podging). Tear three circles out of one of your sheets of scrapbook paper. This tear-and-crumple idea was inspired by Cathie & Steve, by the way - I actually saw them do this at CHA and loved it!
Hear I am crumpling. You need to do this with each of the three circles - crumple tightly and then smooth out.
Here's where you use the Mod Podge. Paint each crumpled "flower" with a few coats of the Podge and watch it glitter. Allow to dry.
I started placing my other embellishments at this time to see what they would look like - one thing I did was use a second sheet of the paper and my scalloped punch to make some shapes for right over the flower bud. Start gluing down with the tacky glue.
Time to stick the flowers to the circles! Put a glob of Mod Podge in the center of each circle and then stick the flower to it. Allow to dry.
TIP: Don't glue the flower over the hole in the wood circle! You are going to need that part to hang onto the necklace chain.
Finally, glue down the buttons in the center of the flowers. I layered two buttons in the center and love the effect. Attach the circles to the chain with the jump rings and then attach the clasp. Voila! You now have a very spiffy, very unique necklace to wear. If you are a V-Day purist, use heart papers.

Thanks Lorie, for having me as a guest poster - and thank you to the Be Different, Act Normal community for accepting me with open arms. Come to Mod Podge Rocks! any time to see many, many ideas using Mod Podge. You won't believe how crazy people are about decoupage (including myself) and what we come up with. Tootles!


michelle@somedaycrafts said...

Super cute, Amy. Lorie, I'm glad you found my blog!!! I feel so "popular" now that you know about it! I have been blog stalking you for months and months now! Thanks for all the inspiration I've gotten from your site!!!

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Lorie said...

Amy, Thank you SO MUCH for being my guest poster today!!!

Myrnie said...

Aww, cute! My preschooler LOVES necklaces- I think I just found her V-day present!

Ramona said...

Super, Duper Cute~ola! Thanks for sharing.

Happy weekend.

Smiles ~ Ramona

Unknown said...

Thanks for the kind words everyone! You are all so sweet!