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Hanger Space Saver

The brilliant Little Birdies Secret has come up with this clever DIY project:

What?  You don't know what it is?  It is just like this:

but about a million times cuter and less expensive:

You can see her tutorial HERE.


Unknown said...

OMG! That is such a duh why didn't I think of that! Great find!

Kim @
party inspiration

Aurora said...

Hello, stopping by from SITS.

That is a VERY cute idea. and yes so much more pleasing to the eye.

glad i found your blog today.

Susie said...

What a GREAT idea!!

Frugal Home Designs said...


Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

I could soooo use this!

PS: Thanks for the link!!!

followingtheroad said...

I am making that today. Right now.

Kelly Moore said...

Wow! I really need this and I love how cute it is... I am making some ASAP! (Which won't be until I get home from work... bah)

Grizzly Bear said...

That is so cute.. man I tell ya I couldn't come up with a great idea EVER.. love this!

Heather Feather said...

This is way cuter then the infomercial! Thanks!