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Football Cupcakes

I am going to make this for the Super Bowl (that really IS this weekend) only because vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting are my FAVORITE:

These cupcakes are from Smashed Peas and Carrots, and it is about the easiest football cake I have seen!  You can also get her recipe for the cupcakes and frosting HERE.

And the best way to get them all to yourself is to let your 8-year-old son read this post over your shoulder.  He will think that they are MADE from smashed peas and carrots and won't be interested in eating any of them.  I will just let The Boy continue thinking that!

1 comment:

Myrnie said...

My daughter would go crazy if she saw all those cupcakes in our kitchen :) (I normally freeze a LOT so she doesn't know how many there are :)