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DIY Play Tent

Obsessively Stitching is having a tent week.  A full week of do it yourself play tents, and they are only on day two!!

The first is a tutorial for these cute card table tents at Old Days Old Ways:

And day two is this cute dome tent made from hula hoops and a king size bed sheet:

I love that it looks like a baseball hat.  If you painted the hula hoops the same color s the fabric it would fit in perfectly in a baseball themed room.

You can check out tent week HERE.


kelly@TearingUpHouses said...

those are so cute! when i was a kid, my bestie and i used to have a blast "building" tents out of blankets, chairs -- anything, really!


Anything Fits A Naked Man said...

OK, hula hoops and a king size sheet? That's AMAZING!! How cute is the baseball hat theme, too? So creative!

Jenny said...

Really clever and cute. Beats the sheet thrown over the card-table approach I used to use!

Lynn said...

No, no no! please do not give me any ideas that I just have to do for my grandkids!

At Christmas one year, we set up a table for the villages, with a white sheet draped over. My 3-yr-old GD saw that and decided instantly that her loving grandma was building a house for her!

so much for storing the boxes underneath, but it became a welcome retreat for my 16-year-old son as well! Who would have guessed?