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Another Lovely Pinata

I have never been a huge fan of pinatas.  Having my kids beat their favorite cartoon character with a stick while hoping that some child doesn't wonder too close and get clobbered himself, and then coming away with a bag full of sugar...

Now I am not opposed to them, I mean fun is fun at a party, but I have never purchased one for a party.  Or made one.

But lately there have been some pretty pinatas popping up around blog land and I can't help but post them.

First it was the beehive, and now it is this flowering pinata from Inchmark:

made to look like the Camellias in her front yard:

You can see the rest of the party and the pretty pinata in process HERE.


Mandi@TidbitsfromtheTremaynes said...

So cute! I'd be sad to break it.

Penelope said...

I love the pull-pinatas, where each kid pulls a string simultaneously. Suits me much better than the 'whack the Little Mermaid with a stick' mentality LOL!