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Pink Acorn Wreath

I am still debating over what I want to hang on my door for Valentine's Day and I found this cute pink (raspberry) wreath from Dana at Made:

Can you guess what is under that raspberry spray paint?  Until a couple of days ago I never would have know.  It used to look like this:

And only because Olivia became obsessed with an acron on Saturday did I even know that this is what an acorn looks like without it's cute little cap.

I wonder if I can still find enough acrons to make a wreath.  Or maybe I will have to go for the lima bean version.


Supercool Hotmama said...

Hey Long-Lost friend! We miss you! HUGS! Janie

TLF said...

Oh, I love that!!

Infarrantly Creative said...

I M.U.S.T M.A.K.E!

christy said...

If only I saw this a few days ago! I just threw away a whole slew of acorns! My son collects them from the playground at school & brings them home in droves, they are often found in the washer & dryer. :)

Amanda said...

This is gorgeous... how do you find such beautiful things??? Everytime I come here I am inspired. Thank you!

God bless-