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Laundry Bags

I had to talk myself out of going to the store last night to buy one of these:

Our new laundry room is not as big as our old one and my old system of sorting laundry into piles on the floor really doesn't work anymore.  Our old laundry room was HUGE and it wasn't actually in the house, so I had no qualms about dumping everyones dirty laundry onto the floor and sorting it there.

But now my laundry room is like a walk in closet.  And clothes on the floor not only means no walking room, but no opening the door either.

But I talked myself out of going out in the middle of the night and I am glad I did because I found this on The Red Chair Blog:

Cotton canvas laundry bags that she hung on double coat hooks.

I think I am in love.  My only hang up is that I really would like one for lights, darks and whites.

Do I sacrifice floor space or do I sacrifice my sorting options?  Either way I am going to use her tutorial to monogram therm.  You can find that HERE.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to tell you that I had one of those laundry sorters like in the first picture. I loved it, but it did not hold up very well. I think it had ripped with in the first month of having it. I even called the manufacturer and got a replacement bag, but that ripped in another month. I think the weight of the clothes was to heavy for the grommits.

I Love the second options that you showed. I will have to figure that system out.

mommieof4munchkins said...

I have the first one you posted, got it at costco and it is WONDERFUL! I have had it over a year and it has held up great. I like it because the kids can reach it to sort. Our six year old has the chore of bringing down everyone's dirty clothes and sorting them!

Anna said...

I got one at the container store and it is very much like the first one you show. I too would have to have at least three piles... usually I have a fourth (towels). I do love the idea of having it embroidered though. I just did that for a dry cleaning bag and love it!

Meaghan said...

So weird- I have been dealing with the same issue. Thank you so much for sharing!

Lynn said...

I got an inexpensive mesh one at Walmart. I have to be a little careful with it but I've had it a couple of years and i really like it. I'm not wild about too many things hanging on the door.

Room to Inspire said...

Brilliant idea - laundry always consumes floor space. We have two wicker laundry baskets that we got right when we were married and they are in dire need of replacement. I will have to check out her blog!


Hel said...

wow.... I have been thinking and slowly searching for a solution to my lack of space problem. My bathroom and laundry are all in one and there is a LOT of wall space above the washing machine and I knew I wanted to hang something above it to sort the clothes, but couldn't come up with any idea that I really liked. I am TOTALLY doing this, but I am going to attempt to make my own bags as well. Wish me luck.

p.s. I am doing three bags... there's always three piles. ;)

Amy {The Red Chair Blog} said...

Thank you for featuring my post! I hope that the laundry bag system works well for you in your laundry space. Having just two categories works for me because I wash the whites and lights together (I generally don't use chlorine bleach).

Renee said...

I have the three compartment laundry system and LOVE IT. I sort of thought it was a splurge at first, but now I know it was one of the best purchases I've ever made. My laundry room isn't cute at all, but this helps keep it tidy. Although, I'd rather have cute AND tidy... hmmm, maybe I need to paint.

The Beach Barn said...

Could you use an eyelete tool to insert 2-3 eyelets across the top of the could use 3 hooks across the door to hang the bag. This would allow you to place the bag higher to the top of the door. Then, if you shortened the length of the bags just a bit you may be able to fit 3 bags on the back of 1 door. I may just have to try this! : )