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Snow Globe Dessert

This dessert from Country Living is quite possibly my favorite Christmas treat idea ever:

You make a yummy little snowman out of white truffles and decorate it with pretzel sticks, licorice, bubble gum, chocolate drops, gum drops...just like you would a gingerbread house. Then you trap it under a stemless wine glass (or any other globe shaped glass you may find) and it instantly becomes a snow globe dessert.

You can get the directions HERE.


Anonymous said...

pk @ Room Remix

That is adorable!

Lakeshore Cottage Living said...

That is really kids will love it. Thank you for the idea.

Jenny said...

Super cute! I've made the snow globe cookies but not this one! Clever. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I love it, but it makes me feel like I can't eat it...drool!

Jana Eubank said...

How cute is this?!!! :D

Unknown said...

Oh, we have a snow globe collector at our house who would love this. Of course, you wouldn't collect this one, you would eat it!

Lynn said...

That is so cute!
With a large glass globe, you could make a bunch--use it for a centerpiece, and serve it at the end of dinner as a surprise!

My grandkids would love that.

Ooh, now I want to make a marshmallow train snow globe. See what you do to me?