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Petit 2010s

I found these 2010 Petit Fours from I am Baker on Edible Crafts:

She made them with fondant...but I have NO IDEA how she made the fondant silver. I am guessing there is silver food coloring that I am unaware of...I might just have to go and find it!

The piped 2010 with icing and let it set and then used it to decorate the top. The look would be really cute on a New Year's cupcake too!


Jenny said...

I've done that icing technique for the numbers before with good success. I've also piped chocolate and let it harden and it worked great. There is a product, can't remember the name, called "sheen" and I wonder if that is what she is using for the silver. It's almost a dust you put on.

Jana said...

Hi there! I loved the name of your blog and decided to click on you from Jenny's site! They use a powder that you can brush on dry or mix with vodka and paint on...usually it comes in all kinds of awesome metallic colors Im pretty sure thats what is used on those.

its called metallic edible luster dust!

super fun blog thanks for sharing!

Hildie said...

If you don't happen to have any vodka around (which i never do), you can mix the silver luster dust (I know where to get it in Austin if you want some) with anything that is clear-ish with a high alcohol content (I usually use orange extract).