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Garland Storage

This image from Jordan Ferney is part of a tutorial on making bunting. But it also could be part of a tutorial on how to store you holiday garlands. I think I will have to save my empty paper towel tubes for more than just kids crafts!

What do you call empty paper towel tubes?


Dee-Zigns Handcrafted Jewelry said...

hmmmm, empty paper towel tubes! Is that a trick question?

This is a great idea though. I have actually used empty paper towel tubes to wrap Christmas tree lights on. I put one end through the tube, then wrap, and connect the ends. It works pretty well in a pinch :).

Lacie @ Creative Attempts said...

What a great do you have one for how to store the ghost tree that I made lol!

Lise said...

They're called hooters! (Because you can "hoot" into one end to make a cool sound.) Darn that restaurant for opening up and ruining the name!

McVal said...

hooters! LOL! We call them Tada Tadas!

Jolene said...

We call them Der te Ders - because that is the sound my kids make when they talk through them! Love that bunting btw.

Karen at said...

Just discovered you lovely blog. Great ideas I plan to use and crafts to make.
My husband and his entire family call the paper towel rolls "bo-de-o's". Huh?? Never heard that one until I married into the family!
Love the blog.