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Cookie Exchange

I almost want to host a cookie exchange just so I can send out these cute invites I found at Brooklyn Limestone in Progress:


Jill said...

That is funny because I had thought of doing a cyber cookie exchange. I don't know how to get a special "button" for this. But I will gladly host a McLinky party for a cookie exchange!

Shell said...

Those are adorable!

I'm so excited for the cookie exchange that I am participating in...even though I've never met any of the other ladies who will be there...I just hope they can bake.

Nothing worse than putting all that effort in making dozens of cookies and to come home with ones that taste awful.

Kristina P. said...

LOVE! I am hosting my Third Annual Cookie Exchange on Saturday! I will use those next year.

E said...

I am hosting a cookie exchange on Saturday... it's actually a Bad Sweater Good Cookie Exchange! Everyone is dressing in "terrible" christmas sweaters and exchanging cookies. Should be fun!

chksngr said...

super cute! I've done a cookie exchange every year until this year...this year, I'm three weeks from delivering my second child and cookies will just ahve to wait!