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Christmas Block

Kelly Ann emailed me this very cute Christmas block that she made from a quick trip to Hobby Lobby:

A glass block, some lights, and a self adhesive jeweled Christmas tree. So easy. I don't think I could stop at one though.

It reminds me of my favorite nativity that I am kicking myself for not ordering last year:

Check out more of Kelly Ann's goodies at Kelly Ann Studio.


Love the Decor! said...

What a great idea! Very pretty!

Devri said...

I love them.. just from getting them, you can get them at home depot for 7 bucks..

Nela said...

So good, love it!

Ceci said...

Right after I read your blog I happended on the nativity scence blocks for sale at another blog wallwords4u.blogspot dot com Just thought I would share in case you were still interested in getting them.

mary said...

I am thinking I can cut that nativity scene in vinyl with my cricut?

dumb question but how do you get the lights inside the block? Is there a hole? duh right??

McVal said...

Cute! Someone gave me one of those blocks a couple years ago with a jewelled word of joy on it. We love it! I might have to do that for Christmas presents next year.

~ Kelly Ann ♥ said...

Thxs for posting - You are so sweet!!!

~ Kelly~

Amy said...

I love love LOVE! your blog. I Have checked in on you for a few months now. I just checked it out tonight, and noticed that you had 999 followers, so I added myself as your 1000th! I think that is too neat!

Keep up the good work!