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Amy Atlas Thanksgiving

Today is my last day of Thanksgiving posts. With Thanksgiving only 2 days away, I feel like giving you more ideas that you might want to squeeze in at the last minute is a sin.

So today I will give you some extra Thanksgiving posts, and then it is on to new things. Christmas and Winter and Hanukkah. Hot chocolate, and peppermint, and any other holiday treat you can imagine.

But before we last day of Thanksgiving. And we are going to start it off with Amy Atlas:

You can check out more of Amy's Thanksgiving Treat Buffet HERE on her blog. My favorite are the caramel pears. Why should apples have all the fun?


momentsinaneye said...

I come to you by way of SITS...what a yummy blog you have. I am hungary already. Thank you so much for your comment.

Cynthia said...

I think this dessert bar is the perfect idea for a Mother/ Mother-in-law to do. Like many families, we switch off each year but I know some people do dinner at one celebration and dessert at another. A spread of desserts like that would certainly bring the chicks back home!

MJ @ 517 Creations said...

So beautiful! Quick question - I have been looking all over for the name of the font used in "Thanksgiving" in this Amy Atlas picture. Any idea what it's called? Thought I'd give it a shot! :)

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

I am having cuteness me!