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Advent Ideas

If you are planning on making an advent calendar this year, there isn't much time left to finish it up before the first of December. And if you weren't planning on making one, you might after you see these cute ideas.

Gingerbread Snowflakes has a tutorial for the elaborate old style advent calendar that she made using old Christmas cards:

This stocking idea is probably my favorite. Each person has their own advent calendar and then the final treat are the presents in the stocking on Christmas morning:

The only problem is that I saw this idea on Tip Junkie, who found the idea on Simple Finds last year. The stocking was actually for sale from an Etsy store, Oh So Sassy, but right now I only see very cute dresses for sale. No stocking! So I guess I will have to figure out how to do this all on my own if I want to make them. I think I will go the route of sewing pockets on an existing stocking.

If buying an advent calendar is more your style, Garnet Hill has some fun calendars for sale like these cute buckets:

or these hats and mittens:

But they would be pretty easy to recreate too. Just one more reason I need to learn to knit!!

And Roots and Wings has a ton of fun tutorials for advent calendars like this paper chain style advent made with fabric (and Velcro so you can reuse it!!):

And there is no sewing required, so the kid can help out with this one.

There are so many fun ideas I out there, so I know I will be posting more soon. If you can't wait until then, you can see some ideas from last year HERE and HERE.

What is your advent calendar like?


jaquelyn {mama thoughts} said...

That stocking is SO cool! I wonder how complicated it would be to make your own? I'm not the best seamstress in the world. ;)

We don't have an advent calendar...I really like them though! I may have to figure out one to do for this year!

Stopping by from SITS to say hello!

Mud Pie Studio said...

Love these! I love the stocking one, too!

I do have an advent calendar. Here is mine:

Thanks for sharing!

Amie said...

I LOVE advent calendars! Ours is just the stocking one I posted last's so fun. I'll link to it. but in DECEMBER, you freak. =p

Hildie said...

My friend is giving me knitting lessons starting in January. If you're here by then, you're welcome to join me (I want to learn how to do mittens and socks)!

Sara F. said...

You are reading my mind! I've been all about advent calendars the past few weeks. Now I would like to put them away until December 1st! ;-) I'm loving that stocking though!

Kendra@My Insanity said...

I don't mean to keep using your blog to toot my own horn, but you did ask about our advent calendars. I blogged about mine here:

Love all your inspiration! How are you going to keep it up while moving?

Cheryl said...

We have a long streamer with ribbons on it and we tie on mini candy canes or taffy or tootsie rolls to each ribbon so each day a different family member can take it off.
My favorite though is the one I made last year. I saw the big tree with pockets in Pottery barn kids and thought I can do that.. so I did. It's so much fun.

Just Rhonda said...

Mine is a mini muffin pan (24 spots) that is altered. It works great and was fun to make!

mary said...

I got a really cool advent calendar last year but it was really hard to find tiny stuff to fit into the boxes! {cuz my kids need no more candy :)}
This year I bought the lego advent calendar! I can put each days into the wood one and my girls will LOVE it. $$$ but legos are just that!

Jessica G. said...

I'm addicted to advent calendars! I think I had seven at last count...My favorite is a wooden one that features a nativity with the star as the moving piece.

Katie said...

Love ALL of these!

Darn your blog, for putting so many dreams in my head!